Who We Are

Louise McDonald


As the name suggests Louise generally chairs the meetings and is your main contact within the group and welcomes you make contact and get involved.

Avril Blackwood

Vice Chair

In the absence of the chair person Avril will take the meetings and is the group leader.

Lyn Crawford


Lyn takes care of all of the finances and is responsible for maintaining records and reporting on funds activity.

Janice Wilson


As Secretary Janice will record and issue the minutes of the meetings and distribute amongst the parents.

Rae McMillan

Lets Co-ordinator

Rae is responsible for ensuring all of our meetings and events are booked and facilities arranged.


As part of our constitution we ensure that all primary classes have a parent to represent that particular primary year within our council. They are the voice for all parents so why not find your representative and make contact?

Primary 1Lyn Crawford
Laura Kirkham
Primary 2Pamea Connell
Lindsey Hendry
Janice Wilson
Primary 3Avril Blackwood
Pauline McHugh
Primary 4Kirsty Fawbert

Primary 5Lyn Crawford

Primary 6Pauline McHugh

Primary 7Rae McMillan