What we Do


Meetings are held in the school every 4-6 weeks and start at 7.15pm The meetings follow an agreed agenda but are generally informal with a chance for everyone to participate if they wish. The headteacher is usually present and is a great way to find out what’s happening in school.


The parent council members have an important role in representing the views of all the parents with in the school. We encourage all parents to come along and hear what great things are going on and have a real influence on their children’s learning and school life.


Wherever possible the parent council aims to assist the school with a wide range of activities. We offer our time to help with school trips, projects and events


Our parents are keen to be involved in local authority activity and the wider community. We attend conferences, key speaker events and training opportunities to enable our parent council to be more effective.


Our team do a fabulous job of raising funds throughout the year. We are a non profit group and most monies raised goes back to the school and we choose the way in which the money is spent.


Our group run all of the out of school social events. School discos’, quiz nights and Christmas fayers to name a few we want all of our parents to be socially involved with the school and are always looking for assistance with events. Not only that but we also have social nights as a group and many of our members consider the meetings a social event in itself. We are a big friendly bunch!