Lorraine Kerr

I wanted to know what was happening with the school, it was a great opportunity for me to have some input to support the children’s learn and provide them with social events too. Parent council is one way we as parents can work as partners with the school and can be rewarding too!

Kat Sullivan

I joined for a couple of reasons. I wanted to meet other parents and I wanted to be in the know of what’s happening with the school and it delivered on both.

Rae McMillan

I like to find out what’s going on in the school. Put ideas forward for fundraising, so the kids can get school trips, new books etc. Meetings are informal and relaxed. Every little bit helps.

Lesley Ferguson

The parent council is an essential link between the school and parents. It gives parents and carers a real chance to get involved in school life, share ideas, fundraise and overall have a real influence in the education of our kids. A lot of what we do is fun and enhances our children’s educational experience. We organise events that bring the community into the school such as Christmas fayres, car boot sales, quiz nights etc and we are also the voice of the parents at meetings, raising concerns or ideas that they may have that will benefit the school on the whole. Most of all we are a group of friendly parents /carers who are willing to give up a very small proportion of our time to invest in our kids, to meet fellow parents who are like minded in helping to ensure our kids get the best education and fun from the school and support them in making this possible . To be part of the school family is a rewarding experience when you know your ideas can make a real difference! Come and join us and see for yourself, you’ll be made most welcome !

Morag Craigie

We would welcome everyone who is interested in supporting the school and together help widen the range of experience available to our children through fun days and fundraising. To have an active roll in helping with the schools safety issues and to meet proactive parents willing to help the school which can only benefit the children. We would welcome any help whether it is helping at activities or behind the scenes. Whatever time you afford us would be gratefully appreciated.

Kirsty Fawbert

I wanted to find out more about what happens within the school so went along to one of the Parent Council meetings. I’ve found the meetings really helpful to find out what is coming up for the children and to learn about issues and news within the school. Over time I’ve got more involved in helping out at fundraising events. I’ve found the experience to be really worthwhile, especially when you see the fun the children and families involved have when attending events and thereafter seeing the benefits of the money that is raised for all the children at Halfmerke.

Lyn Crawford

I joined because it helped me to connect with the school as a working mum. You learn so much being part of the parent council, not only through the school, but in the wider county and Scotland sense with the opportunity to attend workshops/courses/info evenings. And you befriend lovely, likeminded people who have the children’s best interests at heart.

Ann Glaister

I joined the parent council to be socially involved, meet great people and hopefully make a difference…..plus I’m nosey…..I don’t like to think I’m missing anything and I like to know what’s going on!

Amanda Scott

I have been involved with the parent council now for 11 years, my youngest is off to high school so the time has come for me to leave. I have enjoyed being part of my kids school life and being involved in changes at the school. I would tell anyone to get involved; at the very least you will gain new friends

Rowena Robertson

I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Halfmerke parent council and helping out with different events and trips in the school, its good to know what is going on at all levels. I’ve also made some really good friends who also have the best interests of the school and the kids at heart.